What I learned being a Graphic Designer in the last 30 years

As Life changes moment to moment, your profession and the way you do work changes. I studied Graphic Design when you had to draw the type, literally cut and paste on to the layout, transfer it to film to print it for the final design. It was a lot of work. Than Apple computers made our lives easier. I feel so lucky that I witnessed the journey. Using Adobe Photoshop since 2.0 and seeing the progress, gives me a satisfaction of where we are heading and proud of myself for having a growth mindset.

I saw that if you don’t learn and adjust to use new technology or design for the new platforms –like web­– you get stuck and limited with what you do. I did my internship at WBMG and loved how Milton Glaser approached designing and how he never limited himself. He designed logos, posters, magazine covers but he also designed restaurant interior, plates and menu for it as well. He made me think that I can design anything I wanted, I should not limit myself. 

On the other hand, something’s hasn’t changed as time went by like the design process and design principles. One of the 21st. Century Job Skill that can not be replaced by machines or robots is creativity. Most of the time we are confused about being creative and having the skill to put together the idea we had it in mind.

Creativity is a skill that consists of how you see, how you perceive and how you want to express it. In short what is your story! Graphic Design is a visual problem solving and you use your creativity to come up with a solution.

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